Get Involved

There are several ways in which individuals, groups and businesses can get involved in Collect for Kids.

How?: The Collect for Kids campaign has an idea for growth that includes you. Contact the Collect for Kids team for guidelines on how best to work on these ideas:

  • Volunteer with one of our partner organizations.  Check out the Additional Ways to Give page, the Events page or the partner websites for additional information.
  • Donate funds to the Foundation for FCPS – which directly supports the Collect for Kids effort.
  • Support one of our partner organizations with their Back-to-School efforts.  Check them out on the Partners page.
  • Adopt-A-School. Ask your organization to adopt a school in an area that has higher need.

  • Host a backpack drive. We want thousands of different looking backpacks so that we’re not labeling children with one kind and color backpack.

  • Host a calculator drive. With our nations push to improve education in the STEM areas – that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – it makes sense to guide our business community toward donations of calculators.  

TI 30Xa Solar School Edition (Middle School)

TI83 or TI-84 Series (High School & Middle School)

  • Register as a Collect for Kids partner to take care of schools in your area. By taking care of your own, the Collect for Kids resources currently helping your local school can be shared and shifted with schools that have higher needs.

When?: The effort to collect funds and supplies continues throughout the year, but the bulk of the distribution is done in July and August.

Where?: Throughout the county at schools, businesses, and community groups, funds and supplies are collected and distributed.

Who?: If you’re ready to get started or if you have questions, please contact:

Kathy Ryan | krryan@fcps.edu | 571-423-1206
Fairfax County Public Schools
Business and Community Partnerships

Find Schools Near You 


Click on the link above to find out which organizations are assisting which schools — and to see what schools need additional assistance.