Get Involved


How can I get involved?

There are several ways in which individuals, groups and businesses can get involved in Collect for Kids.

  • Sponsor: Want to be a Sponsor? If you’re feeling generous and want to give more we will work with you to put your donation to good and specific use.

  • Volunteer: Volunteer your time!  We need volunteers to help at many levels.  Tell us about your skills that might relate and that we can borrow or spend a day helping sort, pack and deliver school supplies.

  • Already running a donation program? Organizations already working in the school supply donation arena are encouraged to work with us too…to join forces as we think we can help save you time and money while serving more children.

We welcome your support, new ideas, and energy.  If you’re interested in collaborating in this effort please contact Kathy Ryan in Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Business and Community Partnerships.