Collect for Kids seeks donations of cAsh, Backpacks and calCulators. You do not need to be affiliated with a partnered not-for-profit, business or organization to participate in Collect for Kids, and we encourage individuals to donate.

Our Credit Union Partners are also Collection Sites for Backpacks and Calculators You can drop your backpack donation at any Apple Federal Credit Union or Northwest Federal Credit Union branch.

Plus, we offer 3 easy ways for you to donate money.


While there is considerable flexibility in “what to donate” this effort aims to target citizens and business or community groups in specific ways.  The needs are simple as ABC!  We’re asking:

anyone to donate cAsh

anyone to donate Backpacks

anyone to donate calCulators

cAsh: A $10 dollar donation goes a long way. Through our partnership with Office Depot and Walmart – we’re able to buy in bulk − turning $1 into nearly $3 dollars worth of school supplies.  We are suggesting donations in increments of $10 because we can purchase the basic FCPS approved supplies for that amount.

Donate via the Foundation for FCPS

Backpacks: We’re looking to collect thousands of different looking backpacks so that we’re not labeling children with one style or color of backpack.  Individuals can deliver backpacks to any Apple Federal Credit Union branch or to the program partner of your choice.

Highest need is for large size backpacks for high school and middle schools students

We ask that backpacks do not have wheels

We ask that the backpacks do not have corporate logos (other than the brand name)

We also ask that backpacks be new and of good quality

calCulators: With our nations push to improve education in the STEAM areas – that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Integration and Math – it makes sense to guide our business community toward donations of calculators. Businesses can deliver calculators to any Apple Federal Credit Union branch or to the Collect for Kids partner of their choice.We request that donors give one of these FCPS approved calculators. 

TI 30Xa Solar School Edition (Middle Schools)

TI-84 Series (High School)

The Collect for Kids team aims to keep donations as local as possible, but to be efficient a donation from one part of the county could end up elsewhere in Fairfax County.