Our goal is to make sure that every child who needs school supplies has them.

We have not yet reached our goal.

Businesses Interested in Adopting a School

Jay Garant
[email protected]
Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Business and Community Partnerships

To Find Schools Needing Supplies AND to Donate School Supplies

Sherry Noud
[email protected]
Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Social Work Services

I’m a school administrator and on the list? Who do I contact?

Important: To work with a school, the Collect for Kids team must be able to contact and work with someone from your school in late July or early August. A single point of contact is our greatest challenge. Contact Sherry Noud 571-423-4300 [email protected]. She will connect you with the nonprofit who is serving your area.

How can my school participate and receive school supplies?

At this time we are serving many, but not all of Fairfax County schools. If your school is interested in receiving donated school supplies for your students please contact Sherry Noud with Fairfax County Public School’s Office of Social Work Services at 571-423.4300 [email protected].  Sherry will work to connect you with one of the partnered organizations.

My school is already associated with Collect for Kids. Do we need to do anything to be sure we receive supplies?

If your school is already participating, we still ask that you contact us. By sharing information, we’ll be better able to coordinate the supply distribution process. Contact Sherry Noud 571-423-4300 [email protected].




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