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When you’re trying to choose a double jogging stroller, there are several important things to keep in mind. I’m going to show you the top four things that you need to consider when you’re shopping for a double jogging stroller. You obviously want to choose a stroller that fits into your budget, has the features you need and will give you and your kids the most comfortable experience possible.

Let’s go back to your budget for a second, the main idea here is to get a stroller that has the most features possible that stays within your budget. There are double strollers that are fifty bucks, all the way up $800 or more. There are strollers that you have to push, and then strollers with invisible engines on them that go by themselves. Not really, but some of the high-end ones roll so smoothly that they feel like it. Those are things to consider, if you choose a cheap stroller that ends up being hard and annoying to use, you will probably end up buying another one.

If you are going to have stroller-sized kids for years to come, whether that means more kids or whether the two you already have really like being chauffeured, then your best bet is to invest a little more in a quality stroller that you won’t have to replace. The nice thing about some of the high-end double jogging strollers is that they can double as your all-purpose stroller as well. Lighter frames and improved designs allow these double strollers to still fit through a regular-sized door, so there’s no reason any more to have one stroller for everyday errands, and another stroller for jogging or longer trips. You can have one that does it all.

There are two main types of double jogging strollers. The two types are all-terrain strollers, and then strollers that are mainly for running on pavement. If you’re going to be taking your kids to the beach, the mall, the park, on grass, or on trails, then you’ll probably want to go with an all-terrain stroller. All-terrain strollers definitely provide the most versatility and will be the easiest to use on multiple types of surfaces. A jogging stroller made for pavement, on the other hand, will be the most useful if all you do is run on city streets on pavement or concrete.

There are two main types of double jogging strollers, the two types are all-terrain and then strollers mainly for running. The best strollers for running fanatics will have a fixed front wheel, where all-terrain strollers have a front wheel that swivels. A fixed front wheel makes pushing the stroller effortless and lets people jog without putting a lot of effort into the pushing. A swivel front wheel makes the stroller really easy to maneuver and easy to use over multiple surfaces like at the park, the beach, on pavement, in the mall, or over grass.

Learn more about the best double jogging stroller here. Or watch our video review on the best double jogging stroller here.

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