Baby tips: give the right gifts for your baby

  • 08 Apr 2022 11:30
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There are so many things in this world that you may give to your baby. However, choosing the wrong one may not make him happy. Although he is still young, there are gifts that he can appreciate. Below are some of the samples of these gifts:

* Books with lots of pictures- As you know, your baby is still exploring his environment. Everything new to him will catch his attention. If you will read the book and show the pictures to him, he will be glad and he will also learn.

* Toys like blocks- Experts say that giving of blocks to a baby will enhance his mental skills. He will also enjoy playing it as his imagination will be used.

* CD’s and DVD’s with baby’s stories and music- you can let your baby watch other children play, sing, or dance. Or, you can play the music for him to listen. In this way, he will be able to learn on how to use his senses.

* Travel system- Although this can be expensive, but this will build a long lasting relationship with your baby. Each bonding moment will become more memorable and convenient for both you and your baby. This can be your investment as money can’t buy the time that will spend with your little one.

If there are best gifts to your baby, there are also worst gifts like:

* Toys which are not appropriate for his age- Like for instance, if he is still an infant, you should not give him a bike since he cannot use it or even appreciate it.

* Small toys- these can lead your baby to have accident like aspiration. Your baby may tend to swallow one of these small toys.

* Pet- your child may not be able to play with the pet safely. So, no matter how gorgeous the pet is or no matter how expensive it is, this can be useless.

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